Dec 22, 2022

Extra Safety Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Remember, this is not your fault, and you are not alone. Like we said at the beginning, this is not on you! It was never on you, to begin with. You should never have to feel guilty or ashamed because someone has violated your trust.

  1. Get help instead of paying money or otherwise complying with the blackmailer. It is easier to succumb to pressure when you’re isolated from your family and friends. So, no matter what happens, find a way to reach out to the people in your corner. Do not fold and comply with a blackmailer’s demands. Ask for help from a counselor, teacher, friend, parent, or even a close relative.

  2. Talk with someone you trust. As you consider whom to open up to, it is important that you talk with someone who is trustworthy. Consider talking to your family and seek professional help by calling the hotlines in the section above.

  3. Save everything. Block the blackmailer, but do not delete your profile or messages. These receipts might come in handy when you report them to the authorities. They will be treated as evidence and can help you get justice in a court of law.

  4. Change all of your passwords. Once you’ve blocked the blackmailer, remember to change all your passwords so that they do not have access to your personal information anymore.

  5. Finally, remember that it will be okay. This is not the end. Though it may seem tough, we promise that it will get better with each day. Don’t give up.