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How Does Loti Work?

Loti uses facial recognition software and an easy-to-use interface to get your posted non-consensual media removed from the internet.

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It starts with
one photo

After signing up for Loti, upload a clear, front-facing image of yourself. Don’t worry, we have an automatic opt-out policy, which means we never keep this photo if you delete it from your profile, and we never use it for training data. Nobody has access to this photo except you.


We handle the
complex stuff, so
sit back and relax

Loti takes the photo you uploaded and compares it to the millions of media assets in our database.

Our advanced artificial intelligence program processes 10’s of thousands of photos and videos an hour so we can keep you covered.


Discover published
media in

In less than 60 seconds, Loti can show you the exact sites where your images and videos have been published. We’ll provide a link to the specific media so you can review it and verify that it’s you, then you have the choice to have us remove it. Do you already have a URL to where your media was leaked? Perfect, you can share that with us and we can help you remove it. If we don’t have any matches of you, Loti can still send automatic alerts every time any new media of you is recovered that’s been potentially uploaded without your consent.


Behind the Scenes


We scan the adult web daily, cataloguing images and videos for our users. This requires super computing clusters running every minute of every day, processing 10’s of thousands of images and videos.


We look at all existing records to find potential matches of your face so you can identify and remove your intimate images and videos quickly. We’ll also scan the new records as they come in so you’re always covered.



Loti instantly updates you of any images or videos that have potentially been uploaded without your consent.


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