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How Does Loti Work?

Loti is an intelligent facial recognition application that combines powerful technology behind the scenes with a simple-to-use interface.

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How to use Loti

Your experience is as easy as 1-2-3.

It starts with
one photo

After signing up for Loti, upload a clear, front-facing image of yourself. Don’t worry, we never store the photo you share with us. Instead, we turn the image into a number that is impossible to reverse engineer into the original image and then delete it.


We handle the complex stuff, so sit back and relax

Loti takes the photo you uploaded and compares it to media assets in our database. We check for close matches on sites like Xvideos, Reddit, xnxx, xhamster, and more.

Our database is updated every hour and our advanced artificial intelligence programs process 10’s of thousands a photo an hour to make sure that we can find as many matches as possible.


Discover published media in milliseconds

In less than 60 seconds, if there are any matches, Loti sends a message with the exact sites where your images and videos have been published. Loti also creates a list of source sites where a close match has been found and provides a link to the specific media so you can review it and verify it is you. You can also set up automatic alerts and get notified every time Loti recovers new non-consensual media.

Behind the Scenes


We first scrape the adult web, cataloguing all the images we see for all our users. This requires enormous artificial intelligence super computing clusters running every hour of every day, processing 10’s of thousands of images and videos every hour.


We look at all existing and new records coming in every hour to find potential matches of your face so you can identify and remove your intimate pictures quickly.


We instantly update you of
any potentially harmful
images or videos.

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